By Lorri Markum

February 18, 2022

As the need for operational efficiency continues to increase for hospitals and clinical labs, especially in the area of precision health, hc1 has introduced a Rapid Response Queue, an add-on for hc1 Operations Management™.

One hc1’s Lab Insights Platform solutions, Operations Management enables labs to automate and manage sales, service, and operational workflows, collaborate across departments and drive action and accountability with real-time analytics.

The hc1 Rapid Response Queue™ add-on unveiled this month, helps standardize and automate high-priority operational workflows involving clinical data. This effort will help clinical labs and facilities save time, streamline and enhance collaboration and transparency between departments and ensure patient support teams place immediate attention on the most important tasks. 

Featuring a unique, built-in countdown timer based on real-time clinical data and response time thresholds, the customizable add-on solution ensures action is taken and completed on time, every time. “Our goal with this solution is to empower multiple teams to collaborate in a single system and ensure providers are notified of time-sensitive results so immediate and appropriate care can be given,” said John Moyer, hc1 Lab Insights Platform Product Manager. “Rapid Response Queue will ensure patients are at the forefront of communication and tasks are completed in a timely manner.” 

Rapid Response Queue monitors clinical and operational data for predefined thresholds, such as critical or urgent test results. Once detected, a case is automatically created and associated with the patient, ordering provider and location. Cases are then displayed in the Rapid Response Queue. Patient support and customer service team members can use the queue to rapidly identify key information, claim, work and resolve tasks and issues with transparency across multiple departments within the allotted time.

Ultimately, hc1 Rapid Response Queue enables healthcare providers to:

  • Increase clinical efficiency
  • Standardize clinical practices and reduce manual work through automation
  • Ensure critical response times are met in order to improve the quality of care for patients 
  • Customize and automate work queues for service and patient care teams

hc1 Rapid Response Queue is available now for existing and new  Operations Management customers. 

Request a personal demo or, to learn more, watch this brief video.

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