By Mackin Bannon

October 16, 2023

In over a decade of working with labs, hc1 has developed the technology and expertise to make extracting insights from lab data quick and easy. The hc1 Lab Insights Platform™, which includes a suite of analytics and operations solutions, connects lab and healthcare data sources to uncover actionable signals that inform decisions. By creating a foundation of accurate and real-time insights, we open a world of opportunity for labs to optimize operations, reduce costs and improve care.

However, labs often ask us why they should partner with hc1 when they already have access to analytics and reports in their LIS.

While it is true that many LIS vendors also offer analytics capabilities, these tools are limited in nature and fail to provide the actionable insights lab leaders need to navigate today’s business challenges. hc1 offers a deeper level of analysis and a more robust set of tools to answer your biggest questions and streamline your most manual workflows.

hc1 vs. LIS: An Analogy

Think of your LIS as your primary care physician (PCP). Like a great PCP helps a person address the majority of their health questions and issues, your LIS helps you run the majority of your day-to-day operations. But when you have a need that warrants a specialist, your PCP works within their care network to connect you to the right expert.

Think of hc1 as one of those specialists – your cardiologist, for example. Just like the heart is the engine for the body, data insights are the engine for a laboratory. hc1's solutions connect to your other internal systems, sitting at the center of your organization to ensure your operations are running efficiently and you have the data you need to make informed decisions.

Why Your LIS Isn’t Enough

Your LIS may offer reporting capabilities, but chances are they aren’t providing you with the insights you need. They may be built on an outdated, complex user interface that is difficult to use. They may not integrate well with your other systems, preventing you from analyzing external data and gaining a holistic view of your operations. Unless you pay the vendor some astronomical project fee, they may not allow for customization or advanced data analysis.

Just like your PCP isn't a cardiology expert, your LIS vendor isn't an analytics expert. You wouldn't let your PCP perform open heart surgery, so why would you depend on your LIS vendor to be the sole provider of your most important business insights?

The Vendor with Analytics AND Laboratory Expertise

If you have a major business issue to address, hc1 can help diagnose it and solve it better than any other vendor out there. Not only do we have over a decade of experience providing laboratories with technology solutions created to serve their needs, but we also have a wealth of lab expertise across all areas of our company. From product development to sales and marketing to our advisory team, hc1 has numerous individuals with laboratory experience, ensuring we’re always focused on solving labs’ biggest problems.

Ready to unlock the power of your lab data? Request a demo today to learn how hc1 works together with your LIS to help you deliver superior outcomes.


Mackin Bannon is the product marketing manager for hc1. Before joining hc1 in 2022, Mackin held various marketing roles before settling on product marketing as a focus. During the workday, he enjoys bringing stories to life in clear and creative ways. In his free time, he enjoys following his favorite sports teams, collecting vinyl records and exploring Indianapolis.

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