By Lauren VanDenBoom

September 26, 2019

You know best what you want from your data. You know best how you want it presented. So now you can have it your way. 

hc1 CRM has rolled out a much-anticipated new feature, the User-Defined List. It’s one more way our platform is especially intuitive to the needs of your healthcare organization.  

Immediately familiar components and controls 

Now hc1 system administrators can easily build out tabs and record pages exactly the way they want—with no extra fees from consultants who must customize a generic CRM to accommodate healthcare-specific needs. Instead, you, the hc1 system administrator, become the architect of your own environment with:

  •     User-defined fields to track data
  •     User-defined lists to organize data
  •     User-defined layouts to display the data

 You are in the driver’s seat, deciding where data is displayed, what types of records are displayed, how data is filtered, who can see it, and more.  

User-defined lists are one more way to specifically manage data and make it easy for users to find the information they need to do their jobs. 

No waiting for information from IT

This new feature also gives users a way to run their own mini-reports, gathering subsets of information as needed. No longer are users waiting days or even weeks for query results from a busy IT department. Now users can filter and sort on any field themselves and command the information they need in moments. 

For help adding user-defined lists to your hc1 environment, contact or visit hc1 Online Help

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