By Lorri Markum

December 20, 2023

With an audience spanning coast to coast, the special demo launch event for hc1 Sendout Management™ was underway. On December 8, 2022, participants took part in the live webinar, presented by hc1 Executive Director of High Value Care, Adam Sajewich, and Senior Product Director, Lab Division, John Moyer. Sajewich kicked off the event with background information about hc1’s core platform — hc1 Lab Insights Platform™ comprised of hc1 Analytics™ and hc1 Operations Management™ all of which help inform workflow management, analytics and precision health through easy access, high-quality specific data.

Sajewich then jumped in and shared information about why Sendout Management was developed and highlighted key features of the solution noting how this unified platform ensures the ability to monitor sendout TaT to drive accountability and improve care, the ability to optimize pricing to reduce sendout spend and standardizing lab sendout testing processes. “Our goal with Sendout Management was to streamline and standardize sendout data, so lab managers have easy-to-understand reports and dashboards available at their fingertips,” Sajewich stated.

Moyer then took the floor and jumped right into introducing and demonstrating the functionality of hc1 Sendout Management in real-time and showed what this solution brings to the hc1 Lab Insights Platform™. The ease-of-use dashboards allow both at-a-glance information, as well as quickly accessible, granular information through filter features, such as ordering location type, panel/test name, sendout lab name, ordering provider and more. You can also quickly download and export reports directly from the dashboard. Moyer highlighted the solution’s capability to automate and deliver any of the KPIs or dashboards and send to decision-makers instantly to empower strategic changes.

Sendout testing is one of the largest expenses clinical and health system labs experience today, but sendout testing hardships aren’t new as noted in the 2009 article, “Explosive Growth of Send Out Testing: Can We Curb the Monster?”, published by AACC. Now with more than 7 billion clinical lab tests performed in the U.S. each year providing critical data, the challenge to meet the demands placed on laboratory staff and health systems is extreme. hc1 Sendout Management helps labs gain the insights they need to assess reference labs’ performance regarding sendout testing, hold them accountable to SLAs and find the best price. 

"Managing Sendout Testing is one of the top requests we [hc1] have received from our customers [and the market] over the past 5 years. The lack of transparency and standardization, in conjunction with increasing costs and the lab staffing crisis, has made it more important than ever to bring our hc1 Sendout Management solution to the market to serve our customers, providers, and patients alike," Moyer said.

At the end of the webinar attendees posed great questions:

  • “How does hc1 determine if performing labs are meeting the SLA TaT?”
  • “How is sendout cost, per test, derived to calculate total sendout spend?”
  • “What if we have multiple sites using different LISs or EMRs, how would hc1 handle that?”
  • “What if our lab uses miscellaneous tests per sendouts, can we still track those?”
  • “Do you calculate the cost per test in an organization or would this information be provided?”
  • “What is the typical lead time from signed contract to launch of this product for a customer?”

If you missed attending the Sendout Management Live Demo event, you can now watch it on-demand here and learn the answers to the above questions and see the webinar in its entirety.

hc1 Sendout Management is available to both new and existing customers. If you would like a custom demo, simply contact us today to get started.

hc1 was built from the ground up for healthcare and is cloud-based allowing better cross-communication and access to data within a health system. We were made to enhance labs and 100% tailored for healthcare. Our solutions help you realize the value in your data from billing codes, naming conventions, diagnosis codes, ICD-10 codes, specimen IDs and more.


Lorri Markum is the marketing manager for hc1 Insights and has over two decades of corporate and nonprofit marketing leadership experience. Lorri specializes in B2B marketing and is SEO Certified. A graduate of Ball State University with a degree in psychology, digital communications and storytelling. For the past 25 years, Lorri has been a professional commercial photographer and photojournalist in the music industry. Before joining hc1 she served as the marketing manager for a nonprofit healthcare organization, serving 40 counties throughout Indiana.

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