By Lauren VanDenBoom

April 6, 2020

hc1 has announced the launch of, a dynamic dashboard that will deliver lab testing insights to support leaders on the front lines actively working to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. 

Most data flowing into public sector sites is 8 to14 days old, which in the case of COVID-19, is too old to react. According to The World Health Organization, “Diagnostic testing for COVID-19 is critical to tracking the virus, understanding epidemiology, informing case management, and suppressing transmission.” 

Public health action requires the most immediate data possible — test orders and results as soon as they appear. By showing test results as soon as they are available, provides the information needed for earlier community resource deployment.

Anonymized trending data from a coalition of more than 20,000 lab testing locations supports the dashboard’s visualizations of COVID-19 testing rates, positive and negative test results, and key demographic filters like age and gender down to the county and neighborhood (Public Use Microdata Area) level. 

hc1’s goal in making the CV19 Lab Testing Dashboard available at no cost to public health officials and health care professionals is simple: to save lives. Every second counts in a public health crisis. Delivering real-time insights from laboratory testing for COVID-19 is not a nice-to-have; it is an urgent need.

hc1 is uniquely positioned to meet this need through a vast network of more than 20,000 integrated lab locations and a robust cloud analytics platform.  

“Labs are working around the clock to support surging COVID-19 testing demands in regional hot-spots, while public health professionals need a unified national view that spans thousands of locations and organizations,” said Brad Bostic, hc1 Chairman and CEO. “hc1’s specialized focus on lab bioinformatics puts us in a unique position to deliver up-to-date national insight into the spread of COVID-19. The hc1 Platform integrates and organizes the largest repository of live laboratory orders and results in the United States, so when the new coronavirus hit, we saw the development of this dashboard as a critical contribution we needed to make in support of public health.”

Never before has the availability of lab insight been more critical. Please use and share to help save lives.

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