By Lorri Markum

June 16, 2022

Most labs in the U.S. are struggling with staffing shortages, supply chain disruptions and reconciling costs with reimbursements. Spending time and resources identifying specific healthcare providers who can benefit from their lab services is a challenge. Lab testing lays a foundation for value-based care that benefits everyone involved, but if labs and providers aren’t able to connect, the pain point is felt not only by the labs but also by health systems, providers and their patients. 

A recent article published in The American Journal of Managed Care notes that lab testing is where value-based care starts and is the gateway for appropriate diagnosis and treatment planning, ultimately impacting cost, quality and outcomes. From diagnosis to medications and from hospital admittance to discharge, 70% of patient treatment decisions are guided by lab results. Digitizing lab results across all healthcare settings and unlocking the potential of lab values is helping health plans improve the patient experience, improve the health of populations and reduce the per-member cost of health care. 

Working with numerous labs over the past 11 years, hc1 witnessed their stress to achieve sufficient growth. Recognizing that having the right data to target the right providers in their marketing and sales efforts would make a difference, hc1 sought to resolve some of the challenges labs face by creating hc1 ProviderView. By implementing targeted marketing and sales practices, labs have better opportunities to identify specific health systems and providers to offer them the services and products that best meet their needs and help them deliver improved care for their patients. 

hc1 ProviderView is an affordable solution that helps labs of all sizes find the right providers quickly with detailed, robust information and the convenience of importing contacts directly into hc1 Operations Management™

Brad Bostic, founder and CEO of hc1 has said that “hc1 ProviderView™ brings a critical component to our Lab Insights Platform that unlocks massive value for our clients: Instant access to more than 5 million provider records including detailed analysis of their medical claims and prescribing activity. With this powerful insight, lab clients can instantly identify providers that can benefit from their test offerings.”

An example of how ProviderView works—imagine a lab's outreach team wants to spread the word about a new specialty test they're performing without spending valuable man-hours researching, collecting, downloading and uploading lists. ProviderView can quickly and easily access the contact information they need.

With a few clicks in ProviderView, users can filter providers based on specialties (e.g. cardiology, gynecology) to see the nationwide distribution of providers with that specialty on the interactive dashboard heat map. That view instantly highlights the number of providers within a state, along with basic stats regarding specialty providers and the number of providers with public medical claims. At a glance, users may also view the top five provider specialists based on public medical claims and filter by geographic region (e.g. Florida, New York). When they have narrowed down the list of providers they are looking for using additional public medical and prescription claims filters, they can access the contact information for those individual providers immediately and import that information into hc1 Operations Management™ and begin contacting those providers in a matter of minutes.

ProviderView is streamlined, clean and easy to use, which saves users invaluable time targeting leads to share information about tests the lab has available and best suited for a given specialty.

hc1 is currently extending an opportunity for labs to try ProviderView free for 30 days! Included in the trial period is one user account and basic training. This allows interested labs hands-on experience using the solution.

Empowering labs with the tools they need to connect with the right healthcare providers is essential to their growth and success, ensuring patients receive the right tests. Interested in requesting a custom demo of hc1 ProviderView? Click here.


Lorri Markum is the marketing manager for hc1 Insights and has over two decades of corporate and nonprofit marketing leadership experience. Lorri specializes in B2B marketing and is SEO Certified. A graduate of Ball State University with a degree in psychology, digital communications and storytelling. For the past 25 years, Lorri has been a professional commercial photographer and photojournalist in the music industry. Before joining hc1 she served as the marketing manager for a nonprofit healthcare organization, serving 40 counties throughout Indiana.

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