By Lauren VanDenBoom

February 19, 2020

During a recent webinar, hc1 Director of Client Enablement, Maura Lee, gave a guided tour of hc1’s
latest new tool, the hc1 CRM™ app.

The iOS app puts the most highly used CRM sales features right at the user’s fingertips. From the app’s
eight main tiles users can quickly navigate to key record types and app features to view, create, and edit
hc1 CRM organization, contact, opportunity, case, task, and memo information.

To download the app, visit the iOS App Store and search for “hc1 CRM.”

Lee told webinar attendees they can maximize their efficiency with the app by 1) intuitively accessing all
key record types with a tap of a finger, 2) using quick action buttons to open a map or start an email or
phone call and use voice to text, 3) efficiently logging interactions with clients and review past
interactions, 4) quickly viewing critical information and access additional data in collapsible menus, and
5) using streamlined search capability to find clients and contacts.

If you missed the webinar it’s not too late to learn more about navigating and using the new hc1 CRM
app. Visit our CRM solutions page for more information about the app.

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